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First Interesting Stories For Kids in English:- Sukrata and Mirror

The philosopher Sukrata was ugly looking. He was sitting alone one day while looking for his face in the mirror hand.

Then one of his disciples came to the room; Seeing Socrates in the mirror, seeing him look something strange. He did not say anything but just smiled. After seeing the smiling of the student,  Sukrata understood everything and after some time said, “I understand the meaning of your smile ……. Perhaps you are thinking that why is the ugly man like me watching the mirror?”

The student did not say anything, his head bowed down to shame.

Sukrata started speaking again, “Maybe you do not know why I see the mirror”

“No”, said the student.

Guru Sukrata said, “I look ugly because I am ugly”. Seeing the mirror, I become aware of my kinship. I know my form. That’s why I try every day to do good things so that my misery can be covered. “.
This thing was very instructive to the student. But he expressed a doubt – “Then, master, according to this argument, the beautiful people should not see the mirror?” Interesting Stories For Kids In English

Interesting stories for kids in English

Interesting stories for kids in English: Sukrata and mirror

“Not such a thing!” Sukrata explained, “They must also see the mirror!” So that they should remain vigilant that they look beautiful as beautiful as they look, otherwise bad deeds do not cover their beauty and do not make them ugly as a result. Interesting Stories For Kids In English

The student knew the secret of the story of Suklrata. He fell down in front of the guru Sukrata.

Dear friends, the point of saying is that beautiful looks with the mind and body. The beauty of the body is instantaneous when the fragrance of the beauty of the mind and thoughts spreads far and wide. 

Second Interesting stories for kids in English:- The Four Rupees

Long ago, the king of Chandanpur was great, it was a discussion of his prosperity far and wide, his

In the palace there was an object of every comfort, but still his heart was disturbed from inside. He wanted to know the reason for many astrologers and scholars, many scholars, if someone used a ring, someone offered a sacrifice, but still the king’s grief was not removed, he could not find peace. Interesting Stories For Kids In English

One day, the King went on his journey to the state of disguising himself. He roamed around a farm, then he saw a farmer lying on it, the farmer was wearing tired clothes and he was eating food in the shade of a tree.

Interesting stories for kids in English

Interesting stories for kids in English: Four Rupees

Seeing the farmer’s clothes, the king came to mind that he should give some gold coins to the farmer so that he could get some happiness in his life. Interesting Stories For Kids In English

The king went in front of the farmer and said – “I am a passer-by, I found these four golden muds on your farm, since this farm is yours, so keep these currencies only for you. “

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Farmers – “No – No Seth ji, these currencies are not mine, keep it to yourself or donate to someone else, I have no need for them. “

This reaction of the farmer seemed strange to the king, he said, “Who does not need money, how can not you do Lakshmi?”

“Seth ji, I earn four rupees every day, and I am very happy …”, the farmer said.

“what ? You earn just four, and are happy with that, how is it possible! “, The king wondered.

“Seth ji”, the farmer said, “Happiness does not depend on how much you earn or how much money you have …. Pleasure depends on the use of that money. “

“So what do you do about these four coming?” The king questioned the ridicule.

The farmer also did not want to get into the debate of unnecessary, he replied, moving forward, “
One of these four rupees, I put in the well, I pay the second loan, give it in the third lending and give it to the fourth soil. ” Interesting Stories For Kids In English

The king began to think that he did not understand the answer. He wanted to ask the farmer its meaning, but he had gone.

The King convened the next day and narrated the incident yesterday in the entire court and most farmers started asking for the meaning of that statement.

Interesting stories for kids in English

Interesting stories for kids in English

The courtiers presented their own arguments, but no one was able to satisfy the king, in the end it was decided to call the farmer in the court. 
After a lot of research, the farmer got it and he was instructed to be present in the tomorrow’s meeting.

King informed the farmer about changing the way he used to travel, and sat down in court.

“I am impressed by your reply, and want to know the account of your four coming; Tell me, how do you spend your earning money that you are so happy and satisfied? “, The King asked.

The farmer said, “Your Magesty, as I had said, let me put one in the well, that is, in the maintenance of my family, I pay the debt to another, that is, I serve my elderly parents Let me put it in; I lend the third, that is, I impose my children in education, and fourth I am buried in the soil, that is, I save a single money so that when the time comes, Do not stop and I can put it in religious, social or other necessary functions. “

The king had now understood the matter of the farmer. The king’s problem had been solved, he had realized that if he had to be happy and satisfied, he would have to use his wealth properly. Interesting Stories For Kids In English

Friends, if seen, the income of the people has increased rather than earlier, but is our happiness also increased in the same proportion? In cases of money we are making a mistake somewhere, it is important to make life balanced and for this we should definitely look at our income and its use, otherwise we may earn millions of rupees but still remain happy and satisfied. Will find

Third Interesting Stories For Kids in English:- Suitable time

It was the day of the new moon. One person went to take a bath on the same day, but instead of taking a bath, he was sitting on the shore.

Someone asked, “Why are you sitting on the shore while coming to the bath? When will you shower

The person replied that “at this time the sea is unstable. There is a high rise in it; When the lamps are closed and when the appropriate time comes I’ll take a bath. ” Interesting Stories For Kids In English

The laugher was asked. He said, “Good man! What are the odds of the ocean going to stop? They will keep coming. The sea-bath has to be done with the help of the waves. Otherwise, bath can never happen. “

Interesting stories for kids in English

Interesting stories for kids in English: Suitable time

It’s all about us. We think that ‘there will be all kinds of adaptations, only then according to their concept, anybody will do good deeds, but all kinds of adaptations are never met in life. The world is like the sea.

In which the waves of obstacles will continue to rise. One problem will come back to the other. As the person remained without bathing, in the same way, the person who sees the path of all kinds can never be good.

Do not look for a suitable time for good work or any other auspicious task. Every day and every moment is suitable for the beat. ‘There will be no problem then I will do good deeds’ – It is foolish to think so.

Those who do not initiate work with the fear of obstacles, they are men of low rank. After starting the work, those who stop when the disruption comes, they are middle men. But from the beginning of the work, even after the disruption of time, even those who do not leave their fixed work, they are the best men.

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