3 New Interesting Stories For Young Children

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3 New Interesting Stories For Young Children

Friends, today we are sharing with you 6 short new interesting stories stories which children love very much. You can hear these stories while sleeping on their ninety-nine and ask them questions about their learning. So let’s see these short kids stories.

Monk’s hut

3 new stories for young children

3 new interesting stories for young children- Monk’s Hut

Two monks lived in their own huts after a village. During the day, both of them went to the village and asked for alms and then worshiped all day after that. One day, due to heavy storms and storms, their huts were broken up and destroyed to a great extent.

The first monk saw all this and began to mourn over sadness and said,

Oh God ! Why did you do this disaster with me? Is this the reward of my devotion, tenacity, chanting and worship?

In this way he roamed the whole day, while sitting his own way, sat down under a tree.

Only then did another monk arrive. He saw his ruined hut, he smiled. And at the same time thanking the God. He said that-

In such a horrible storm, even good buildings are damaged, but you saved my half cottage. Today it has been proved that you are so happy with my devotion. And how gracious you are to me!

Moral LearningThere are two sides of every good bad event. It is in your hands to get bad conclusions or to make good sense.

Grass, Goat and Wolf

Once upon a time, a sailor has a herd of grass, a goat and a wolf. He had to carry these three across the river. But because the boat is small, he can take only one thing with him at a time.

Now if he took the wolf with him, then the goat would eat grass.

If he took the grass, then wolf would eat goats.

In this way he got upset that what to do? He thought for a while and then got a plan in his mind.

First he took the goat and crossed it. And leaving the goat there, he returned alone back to the cross. After that, he took the wolf across the other train. And brought the goat back there with it back to this cross.

This time he tied the goat and took a heap of grass and went across it. And leaving the pile near the wolf, alone, he returned to this cross. And then on the last trip, he took the goat with him and went over it.

Moral Learning – There is a solution to finding trouble, no matter how big it is.

Princess’s moon

3 new stories for young children

3 new┬áinteresting stories for young children-Princess’s Moon

Once upon a time. A king’s little daughter’s daughter insists on breaking the moon from the sky. But due to lack of persistence, he cried and became seriously ill. Vaidya, Hakim all failed to fix it.

In the end, the daughter became emotional in love and declared that –

The person who will break the moon for his daughter. She’ll make her rich.

After listening to the madness of the king, the court and the townspeople began to laugh at him. But the king just meant to recover his beloved daughter, and he was ready to do anything for it.

King’s suffering was not seen from an intelligent businessman living in the city. He came to meet them immediately. And said that I will break the moon for your daughter.

He went to the princess by saying so He said to the little princess, “How big is the moon?”

Princess replied, “As much as the thickness of my finger.”

Because when I put my finger in front of it, it does not look like.

Then the dealer said, “How high is the moon?”

Then the princess said, “Probably as tall as the tree. As it appears on the tree outside the castle itself. “

Then he asked what the moon looks like?

Then the princess said, “She looks like white bright silver.”

The businessman laughed and said; Okay, I will break the moon tomorrow and bring it for you. After that, he goes away from the king after telling his tuition.

On the second day the trader takes a small silver medallion and comes in the palace. And says to the princess that I have brought a moon from the sky. The princess starts jumping on the moon with joy And plays with her throughout the day. With the completion of his persistence, his health also cures.

Despite this, King Raja was worried, he said, “If the princess sees the moon in the sky outside the window, she will be sad again.”

Then the trader said that he has a solution too. She went to the princess and asked in the play, “Do you know what happens when a child’s teeth break?”

“Yes, the second tooth comes out.”, Princess Bid.

“Absolutely right!”, “Well, when someone breaks the moon, then what does it know?”, The businessman asked, greeted.

Then the princess smiled and said, “Yes, there is another moon rising.”

“Oh wow! You all know! Let’s look at the new moon today! “, And by saying this, the trader opened the windows.

The princess saw a new moon and said, “My moon is even better than it, and it is busy playing.

The king was pleased to see all this and gave a lot of reward to the trader.

Moral LearningMany times big troubles can be tried by trying a little trick

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