February 6, 2013

The scheme of distribution of Aadhaar linked subsidy LPG cylinders need to postpone : N Kiran Kumar Reddy

By the time we all might know about the new buzz in India about Aadhaar card, which is a unique identification number for every citizen in India. Earlier Govt. has declared to link Aadhaar card with your LPG gas connection so that it can be tracked properly in coming days and this way Govt. can avoid misuse. This is a very good idea I feel. Even not only LPG gas connection, recently everywhere Aadhaar card is going to be mandatory to link your bank accounts and other important things whatever is possible. But in a country like India, where the population is countless you can not control these things to complete within a timeline or a short period of time.

Yesterday in Deccan chronical I found how people are suffering to complete this linking process within timeline. They are spending huge time in queues irrespective of time. Even people with age 60+ were also there without getting any special treatment, which is a common factor everywhere in India. Even 2 women fell unconscious in one of Aadhaar card issuing center in Hyderabad. As per the Govt. timeline after 15th of February it will be mandatory to have a Aadhar card to get a new LPG gas connection. Just find out a snap I found in The Hindu News paper.

Last-minute rush for enrolment of Aadhaar cards was seen at many centres in Hyderabad (file photo). — Photo: Nagara Gopal

After observing such situation, the Honorable Chief Minister of AP N Kiran kumar Reddy requested the central government to extend the dates by two months. So people can expect a decision in favor of this by today from central Govt. This will really give people a huge relief.

But even after the extension of the dates, Govt. has to establish proper set up to accommodate the huge mass to issue fresh Aadhaar cards without rush. Right now there are not enough Aadhaar card issuing centers and also not enough computers in place. Even there are shortage of application forms in application centers. 

I think Govt. can make some of these processes online and rest give to the centers. At least we should be allowed to download the form from internet and fill up and then visit the center with necessary documents. Or if possible we can even upload the form with documents scan copy online itself. Anyway I have not yet visited any such center, but gathered these information from people around me. Hope Govt. will come up with a solid process to reduce hassle from our lives.