Dutta vs Dutta bengali movie 2012 - Story, review

Dutta and Dutta Bengali movie
Anja Dutta's latest directional Bengali movie Dutta vs Dutta set on a plot of his own life again. Before that he has done a fabulous job in the movie Ranjana Ami Aar Ashbona. This film is based on Anjan Dutta's childhood life. The film is set up on a story of 1970s when Kolkata started seeing the rise of rock music bands, Hippie culture and Naxalite movements.

The major star casts of this movie is as below:

Director Anjan Dutt
Starring Anjan Dutt, Ronodeep Bose, Arpita Chatterjee, Roopa Ganguly
Release date    November 23, 2012 (Kolkata)

If you have not yet seen the trailer of this movie, have a look at the trailer here itself.

In this movie Anjan Dutta played the role of an unsuccessful lawyer and a father, who does not have any client. He has an affair with his only client. His wife is an alcoholic. His daughter has an affair with a Naxal guy and finally run away with him without family permission. His son is a confused character, who is in his teenage. Anjan Dutta wanted his son to be a barrister, so that he can fulfill his fathers dream that his father can not achieve. But his son wanted to be an actor. In such situation one day his grandfather came into his life and started helping him to fulfill his dreams. Later on when Anjan Dutta's daughter came back with her Naxal husband, Anjan Dutta can't expect that and completely bursted on them. This further ends with Anjan Dutta's cerebral attack. After all these drama, finally his son Ronodeep realizes his fathers dream. There are couple of kissing scenes with a comic touch as well. Finally lets finish the story with Anjan Dutta's famous dialogue of this movie :
"My family is my church and my children are my Gods"

Everyone did their characters perfectly, specially Anjan Dutta is remarkable like always. The speed of the movie and the story line might not be for all kind of audience. It looks like a classic tale. Sometimes it feels boring and slow. But if you want to enjoy a group people acting together with their more than 100% effort, then go for the movie. Anyway definitely a master piece by Anjan Dutta once again.

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