Patal Paneer Dalna (Parwal Paneer Curry)

Patal Paneer Dalna (Parwal Paneer Curry)

I am a big fan of paneer. Just love the soft and cubical paneer lumphs in mouth with gravy. Dalna is a very common and most prepared recipe in any Bengali kitchen. Even parwal as well. I learned this recipe form my mom. She can prepare this at its best. Although I am able to get some reputation with at my home, but I know I miss the taste of my mom's recipe. Anyway same feedback I received form my family also, after I am there mom now.

I have already published this recipe in another blog. I will share few clicks and original post link, so that you can enjoy this lovely recipe.

Original Recipe Link : Click Here .
Scroll down to that page and find the recipe....

You can find more clicks of this Recipe from my kitchen.

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