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Travelling abroad with family - Check out these Travel insurance Plans before that

So if you are among those people who are planning to travel abroad (USA, Canada, UK etc) with your family, then you should take all necessary steps before executing your trip. The important thing you should not forget is to subscribe to travel insurance plan to secure your entire overseas trip from many uncertainties. Here in this post we will share few popular travel insurance plans you can check out while travelling abroad with your family.

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Popular Travel Insurance Plans in India to Cover Family

Let's consider a typical family has 2 adult and 2 children. In such a case if you want to go for a 15 days of foreign trip with a cover of $50,000 then you can check out the below plans with the premium details.

Travel Insurance Plan
Brief Details
Bajaj Allianz General –Travel Elite (Family)
It covers the entire family (self & spouse - upto 60 years of age and 2 children - under the age of 21 years) for medical eventualities abroad and provides floater benefit to individual family members. The Elite Plan also provides a home insurance cover of Rs. 100,000 against burglary and other calamities in your absence. A unique offering is the Golfer's Hole-in-One benefit!
HDFC Ergo – Family Travel Insurance
A simple family travel insurance plan that covers the entire family (self & spouse - upto 60 years of age and 2 children - under the age of 21 years) for medical eventualities abroad and provides floater benefit to individual family members.

Age Limits - Family Floater:
Self          : Upto the age of 60 yrs
Spouse   : Upto the age of 60 yrs
Child       : Max - 2 upto the age of 21 yrs
Reliance General – Travel Care (Family)
Reliance Travel Care Policy is specially designed to give you comprehensive travel insurance that covers you against unanticipated medical and non medical expenses, so that you can relax and make the most of your trip.

Travel Insurance for Family travelling World-wide is provided on the following basis:
Inclusive U.S & Canada
Exclusive U.S & Canada

You can easily visit these company websites and choose your plan and buy the travel insurance plan online easily.
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How to save your Foreign Trip by a Travel Insurance Plan

It is always a dream of every family or individual to visit overseas places or a foreign trip. But the major factor is the money and uncertainty involved during foreign travel. Many of us might have noticed during air ticket booking some options regarding travel insurance, but we never use to take that. That option is for domestic travel insurance while you are travelling within country. But when you are travelling abroad travel insurance is a must. Why is travel insurance so important, here we will try to understand few factors we should take care for save your foreign trip from uncertain risks.

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why travel insurance is a must while travelling abroad

Recently after the incident of Malaysian Airline MH 370, where none of the passenger were found just imagine for a case where the person does not have a insurance policy while travelling to cover his death. Now his/her family has to face the financial consequences in coming days. This is just an example, there are many other reasons to buy a travel insurance while travelling abroad.

1) If you or your family member get ill during the trip then how will you manage that medical cost. Medical expenses are already in much higher level in India and other countries too. In India you might use you health insurance policy but out side India you cannot use that one. But bearing that cost outside India will ruin your entire travel budget and plan.

2) Many people like to travel foreign locations to enjoy the adventurous or dangerous activities, like white water rafting, scaling a mountain, or hunting wildlife Traveling etc. But have you ever though if something happen to you during those activities how will your family or you fight financially and medically there. In case you die your life insurance policy may not provide the death benefit lump-sum to your family as the same happened in these activities out side your home country.

3) In many cases people lost their baggage and many people also carry imported expensive items with them. So in case of lost baggage how can you fight to get that back.

4) In case due to some reason you have to cancel your trip and you have to return back to your home country immediately what will happen to your all your bookings and cancelled tickets.

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There are many other reasons which we will discuss in details in our coming posts. You can also share your experience or thoughts regarding buying a travel insurance policy.
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Samsung Galaxy S5 cashback offer - Prebook now !!

samsung galaxy s5 cashback offer 2014
The next Galaxy is here Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-book now. This is the first page of today's TOI newspaper. So finally Samsung Galaxy S5 to launch in India today with price tag of Rs 51,500. And with that Samsung Galaxy Cashback offer is again back with Citibank credit cards. This time you can enjoy more cash back of 15% if you have a Citibank credit card. But you will not get the phone immediately as its a prebook cashbook offer, which means you can book now and get the phone in next few days. In the newspaper they have mentioned few steps to own the Samsung Galaxy S5, here we will share those steps to follow. Galaxy S5 is almost similar price with Apple iPhone 5 and will give a tough competition in this segment of premium smartphones.

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Steps to avail the Samsung Galaxy S5 cashback offer

Here you can checkout the 3 steps to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the cashback offer taken from TOI newspaper.

Step 1 : Between 28th March and 10th April, 2014 pre-book the Galaxy S5 by paying Rs 1500 at a nearby store.
Step 2 : Between 11th and 13th April, 2014 pay the balance using your Citibank credit card at the same store and collect the phone.
Step 3 : The cash back will be credited into your Citibank credit card account on or before 15th July, 2014.

Prebooking and cash back offers valid only on Galaxy S5 colors available during the offer period at the price. For more details you can visit the Samsung Website.

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So if you are waiting for this phone and ready to spend a healthy amount then this is the time for you to avail the cash back offer and own Samsung Galaxy S5. We will track more news about Samsung Galaxy S5 Cash Back offer and update soon.
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Micromax canvas knight A350 price and review

Micromax canvas knight A350 price and review
If you are obsessed with iPhone series but not able to buy iPhone due to the high price tag, then there is a very good news form you. Micromax India has launched recently their one of the best designed smartphone Micromax Canvas Knight 350, which looks almost like iPhone with loads of features. But the price of Micromax Canvas Knight 350 is only 19,990 only which is very attractive. But besides design this phone has few drawbacks as well. Here we will check out the features of Micromax Canvas Knight 350 and also do a short review.

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Micromax Canvas Knight 350 key features

The Canvas Knight is the first smartphone from Micromax's stable to use MediaTek's octa-core MT6592T chip, which is an upgraded variant of the MT6592. Let's list out the main features of this smartphone.

Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) OS
8 MP Secondary Camera
Dual SIM (GSM + GSM)
5-inch Touchscreen
FM Radio
2 GB RAM Memory
16 MP Primary Camera
2 GHz Octa Core Processor

Wi-Fi Enabled

Micromax Canvas Knight A350 short review

From the look and feel this phone will win the heart of many people in first sight only, there is no doubt. And even the price is also under 20,000. You can match this phone with an Apple iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. or the Sony Xperia Z.

Another advantage is the very high end primary camera, 16 MP under this price tag. But the quality of the pictures are not as per the expectation.

At a time when the world is expecting Android KitKat on modern phones, Micromax has stuck with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for the Micromax Canvas Knight, which is extremely disappointing. 

If you compare the UI and navigation of the phone then you may get disappoint as it does not match the quality or the image it is trying to show with the design.

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There are many such positive and negative points that you can discover if you compare the specifications of this phone with the other popular smartphones. But if you want to buy a budget stylish smartphone then Micromax canvas knight 350 can be the right choice for you. The phone is not yet listed in Flipkart, you can check out the Micromax knight Flipkart price here.
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Cigna TTK launched ProHealth health insurance plan

Cigna TTK Health Insurance plans
Cigna TTK Health Insurance, a joint venture between US-based global health service leader Cigna Corporation and Indian conglomerate TTK Group, has launched a health insurance product 'ProHealth' with an add-on critical illness option. The main benefits of this policy is it offers world-wide emergency health cover to the policy holder. Means you can use this policy while travelling abroad also. The major things covered under this policy is the cost of diagnostic tests, drugs and doctor's fees prescribed by the physician for minor ailments. In addition to that customers can earn reward points on the premium paid and accrue additional points by opting for Cigna TTK's ProLife—an online wellness program

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Cigna TTK health Insurance Types

As per Cigna TTK Health Insurance website, company is providing 4 types of Prohealth policy based on various customer requirement and covering various benefits. Let's find out few details about them below.

ProHealth Protect health insurance policy
◾Sum Insured upto Rs 4.5 Lakh
◾Worldwide Emergency Cover
◾Health Maintenance Benefit
◾Restoration of Sum Insured
◾Cumulative Bonus for No Claims

ProHealth Plus health insurance policy
◾Sum Insured - Rs 4.5 Lakhs to Rs 10 Lakhs
◾Maternity, New-Born Expenses & Vaccination Cover
◾Worldwide Emergency Cover
◾Health Maintenance Benefit
◾Restoration of Sum Insured
◾Cumulative Bonus for No Claims

ProHealth Preferred health insurance policy
◾Sum Insured - Rs 15 Lakhs to Rs 50 Lakhs
◾Maternity, New-Born Expenses & Vaccination Cover
◾Worldwide Emergency Cover up to Rs 10 Lakhs
◾Health Maintenance Benefit
◾Restoration of Sum Insured
◾Cumulative Bonus for No Claims
◾Health Check-up at each Renewal

ProHealth Premier health insurance policy
◾Sum Insured - Rs 1 Crore
◾Maternity, New-Born Expenses & Vaccination Cover
◾Worldwide Emergency Cover up to Rs 10 Lakhs
◾Health Maintenance Benefit
◾Cumulative Bonus for No Claims
◾Health Check-up at each Renewal

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You can check out the further details in CignaTTK official website You have to share your contact details to get the premium details.
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How to check epf e-passbook online

Now a days it is very easy to check your EPF balance online with the help of EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) portal Now you can check your EPF balance by generating the e-passbook instantly. User can download many times the e-passbook to check the epf balance as bank statement and EPFO will not send any kind of hard copy for that. Here we are listing the steps to check the EPF balance online with this e-passbook concept.

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Steps for getting EPF Balance online – E Passbook

1) Login to
2) Click on Member Portal (Download your E-Passbook)

how to check epf balance online via e passbook

3) For first time registration, need to click on Click here to register
4) Then fill all Compulsory Fields like Mobile No, Date of Birth, Document Type (For e.g. Pan Card), Document No – If we selected Pan Card then Pan Card no.
5) Then type characters shown in text box & Click on GET PIN
6) After clicking on Get Pin. You will receive SMS from PF office for providing pin no. 
7) After getting Pin no, you need to click on check box – I Agree. Then you need to type Pin no in Enter Authorization PINbox & Click on Submit. Then you will receive SMS from PF office for confirmation of Registration.
8) After completion of Registration process you need to login again to Member Portal for sending request for E-Passbook.
9) For Login, you need to select Document Type (which you have selected at the time of registration. For e.g. if you have selected Pan Card then need to select Pan Card). Then need to type Document no (For e.g. Pan Card number) & then need to type Mobile No& then click on Sign In.
10) After login in to Member you will get the below Home page.
11) Then you need to click on DOWNLOAD E PASSBOOK, then you need to select again DOWNLOAD E PASSBOOK

steps to download e-passbook online

12) Then select the state according to your PF account details and follow the next few steps to enter your EPF account number, after that you need to type your name, then type characters shown in text box & Click on GET PIN
13) After clicking on Get Pin. You will receive SMS from PF office for providing pin no. 
14) After getting Pin no, you need to click on check box – I Agree. Then you need to type Pin no in Enter Authorization PIN box & Click on Get Detail.
15) Then you will get Download Member Passbook Screen.

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So, don't wait and login to EPFO portal and check your provident fund balance online and share your experience with us. Hope this post will be helpful for you.
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Top 10 cheapest air coolers to buy in 2014

Summer has already in its own mood and consumers are started buying AC and Air cooler to beat this scorching summer. But with such a huge variety and options available in the market it is really difficult to choose the best air conditioner or best air cooler as per budget. Here we will try to find out the best air cooler available in India as per budget and other factors. 
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Top 10 cheapest air coolers to buy (Rs 5,000 + )

If you visit your nearby electronic shop, then you can buy any local made cooler at the cheapest price. But here we will list out few branded coolers available in market at cheapest price. You can check out any shopping mall, direct dealer store or online portal to find out many brands and many types of cooler.

  • Symphony Air Cooler ICE CUBE -  Price: Rs 5049
  • Symphony Air Cooler NINJA-  Price: Rs 5049
  • Symphony Air Coolers -  Price: Rs 5299
  • Khaitan Hit-Bit 30 Cooler -  Price: Rs 5511
  • Symphony Air Cooler - DIET 12T -  Price: Rs 5791
  • Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Thunder+ (CO-101) -  Price: Rs 5799
  • Khaitan Iceberg 20 Cooler -  Price: Rs 5990
  • Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Smart+ (CO-102) -  Price: Rs 6099
  • 4 in 1 Personal Cooler By Lloyd -  Price: Rs 6999
  • Crompton Greaves Window Cooler- WAC- 401 -  Price: Rs 7250

Top 10 cheapest air coolers to buy under Rs 15,000

But if you have a good budget and want to buy a powerful air cooler then are also plenty of options available in market. Generally if you have a big size room then these sort of air coolers are very useful. Symphony is one of the most preferred air cooler brand in India and you can find many powerful cooler from their brand as well. Anyway lets list out the Top 10 such coolers under Rs 15,000 budget.

  • Symphony Air Cooler - STORM 70i - Price: 15491
  • Usha Air Cooler Honeywell CL 601PM - Price: 13490
  • Usha Air Cooler Honeywell CL30XC - Price: 12990
  • Crompton Greaves Desert Cooler- DAC - 651 - Price: 12650
  • Usha Air Cooler Honeywell CL48M - Price: 11990
  • Khaitan Double Blower-Thunder Cooler - Price: 11630
  • Crompton Greaves Desert Cooler- DAC - 552 - Price: 10750
  • Symphony Air Cooler - DIET 50i - Price: 9791
  • Symphony Air Cooler - DIET 35i - Price: 9491
  • Crompton Greaves Desert Cooler- DAC - 452 - Price: 9300
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If you are really ready to spend Rs 15,000, then I would suggest to buy an AC instead of Air Cooler with little more money. You will easily get an Window AC
from a price range of Rs 15,000 - 20,000. But finally you have to take the decision between AC and Air cooler according to your budget and need.
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