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How to start a beauty parlour or salon business from home and make money easily

how to start a beauty salon business
Want to start your own beauty parlour/salon business from your home? Then check out this article and know what do you need to open a beauty salon easily.

These days everyone including both men and women used to go to a beauty salon or beauty parlour for hair cutting, message, pedicure, threading and many other services. Although there might be a local hair cutting boy in your locality, but people started liking to spend some time weekly or in 15 days in a sophisticated & well equipped saloon to get relaxed. But still women are the major customers of those saloons. Now a day’s demand of these saloons or beauty parlour is increasing day by day. Many big brands are already operating in huge scale. Even local business is also doing very good.

This is a flexible and easy to start business from your home itself similar to running a home based recruitment consultancy. If you are little bit trained or a well trained beautician, then you can start providing these services from your home itself. Initially you might start with few customers in your locality or colony itself. Let's discuss here everything about starting a saloon at home step by step.

Steps to start a beauty parlour at home

  • First of all you should be a trained or certified beautician to gain customers faith. Otherwise you may not get good and regular customers. Decide where you will you arrange these set up. May be you can prepare any of your empty or less used room. There you can display your certificate of expertise. For a start up we are considering you are the only one to manage the whole thing.
  • Next you have to purchase all the basic equipment s of a beauty parlour  For that you have to spend a healthy amount. Few of the equipment s are first aid box, Scissors, combs, hair dryers, cotton wool, bowls, dispensers, disposable gloves, equipment cleaner, sponges, relaxing music, tissues, towels etc. you have to be prepared with that money to spend for your business start up. Don't spend much but buy all the basic equipment s to support all your services smoothly.
  • Set up a time for your customers. If you are a home maker and don’t have anyone else to support your house hold work, you can choose a time may be after 12:00 pm or in the afternoon time. but try to schedule a 3-4 hours of span for your beauty parlour.
  • You might also provide service by visiting customers home. In that way you can work beyond your fix timings, if you get time. And also this will improve your social presence as well as promote your business.
  • Spread about your beauty parlour locally by giving a simple print advertisement with newspaper. This will not cost you much. You can take those print advertisements and provide to newspaperman to distribute them with newspaperman  You might also give advertisement in local cable TV. Repeat the same based on response. When you start receiving customers, show them your dedication towards your work so that they can be pleased and tell other women near to their home. This is the best advertisement for a home business, especially women concentric service businesses.
  • Don't try to provide all the services, which may not control in later on. Provide only those few services in which you are 100% confident and expert. Later on you might hire someone else to help you or based on some specific demand you can hire some expert beautician also.
  • Think about a beautiful name for your beauty parlour and then print some brochure with every details & services include in that for customers. Give this brochure to your entire customer who visited first time to your beauty parlour  Initially you don’t have to think too about your beauty parlour registration and other documentation. Try your level best to improve service and number of customers. 
When you observe that, your beauty parlour has now gained a serious reputation and also receiving handsome number of customers daily, then you may take the next step to rent/buy a shop nearby your locality. And then set up your own beauty parlour providing more services from morning 10AM - 9PM, whatever timing you want. Then you have to consider all the normal business factors and also have to register your business.


How to prepare Sorshe Ilish bhapa Recipe ( Hilsha in Mustard Gravy)

shorshe ilish bhapa recipe
Shorshe ilish bhapa recipe is one of the hot favorite fish recipe in Bengal. Here we will see how to make shorshe ilish bhapa recipe at home. I have kept four big pieces of ilish aside for this recipe and had an awesome lunch with the fish head muri ghontoYou can prepare sorshe ilish very easily with the sorshe/mustard powder available in market. The recipe is also mentioned in the packet. But I prefer to prepare this recipe in my style. 

This recipe can be prepared very easily and less time if you have Microwave at home. In fact I tried the same recipe with Bhetki Fish and that was also awesome.

Ingreadients need to make Sorshe Ilish

  • 1 tbsp Raw Mustard (Sorshe)
  • Two big onions finely chopped
  • 4 pieces of ilish maach (as I kept only four)
  • Slit 3 green chilis
  • 2 green chilis finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp Jeera  powder
  • 1/2 tbsp Ginger paste
  • 2 tbsp of mustard oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon juice( Preferably Gandharaj Lebu)  to enhance the taste

How to make Sorshe Ilish Bhapa

  • First of all marinate the 4 pieces of ilish with turmeric powder, salt and lemon juice and keep in refrigerator for 1 hour. So that they can mix properly. After this is done, in a steel bowl  first put the chopped onions mixed with a bit of salt. Keep the onions like first layer in the bowl. Then put the fish pieces over the onions.
  • Next grind the raw mustard in mixer and mix jeera powder, 1 tsp ginger paste and 2 chopped green chili. Mix them properly and make a thick paste.
  • Now put this paste over the fishes and spread them properly. 
  • After that spread 2 tbsp of mustard oil over this & put the slit chilis over them.  
  • Now this is ready for cook.
  • Now you can put this bowl in a oven or do the same thing in a pressure cooker. I did the cooking in a pressure cooker. 
  • Close the cooker cover and remove the whistle nob. And cook for 40 min in low heat.
  • After 40 min open the cover and you can feel the aroma of the real sorshe ilish.
  • Have that with boiled rice. It’s  just awesome.


How to make hilsa fish fry Recipe (Hilsha Fry with boiled rice)

how to make hilsa fish fry recipeHilsa fish fry, one of the most popular Bengali fish fry item. Off-course we can't miss muri ghonto and shorshe ilish recipe when it's about Hilsha fish recipe. Bengalis are very much sensitive with this fish. It’s called the king of all fishes. We just can’t control ourselves when it rains or a cold day. Well ilish has its own story attached with Bengal. Thanks to Bangladesh from where we are getting this lovely taste everywhere. 

But recently the prices of ilish is growing so high, it even cant imaginable. This year I heard in maniktala market, one ilish of size 2.2 kg sold @ 3300/-. This is what I called passion for taste.

Its ilish maach bhaja(FRY) with the oil came out of those fish. With rice and onion and green chili.I am still feeling the taste in my mouth. Let’s check out the recipe.

Ingredients to make hilsa fish fry Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 min
  • Ilish Maach (Hilsha fish) pieces 
  • Salt
  • Turmeric powder
  • Pure mustard oil (I prefer Fortune Kachhi ghani)
  • Chopped onion
  • Green Chili
  • Mustard Oil

How to make Hilsa fish fry Recipe

  • It’s a very simple recipe. Heat the oil in a pan. 
  • Need to heat the oil properly so that the fish should not stick to the pan. 
  • Now mix the fish pieces with salt and turmeric powder. 
  • Then put them into the oil one by one. You can feel the aroma of ilish maach immediately after 5-10 seconds. 
  • Just gently reverse them on the pan and make them fried properly.
  • While frying them, you can see that oil from the fish is also coming out and this oil is too much tasty.
  • Now after finishing this, Just take a onion and green chili and with this oil have some boiled rice or bath. 
  • Just has a mouthful of rice with a bite of onion and fish fry, you will feel like in heaven.


LIC New Endowment Plan (Table no 814) Review, Premium, Return

LIC New Endowment Plan (Table No 814) review
LIC New Endowment Plan - Table no 814 is a regular premium paying endowment assured plan with profits. This is almost similar to the old LIC endowment plan (plan no. 14) with few changes to match with new IRDA guidelines. This plan is a non-linked plan claiming an attractive combination of protection and saving features. On death nominee will get minimum amount of 105% of total premium paid.

Key features of LIC New Endowment Plan - Table no 814

  • Entry age is reduced to 8 years. Maximum age limit is 55 years
  • Policy term is changed to 12-35 years from 5-55 years
  • Minimum sum assured increased to 1,00,000
  • Death benefit of minimum 105% of total premium paid
  • Rebate on large sum assured plan
  • Accidental death and disability benefit can be availed

Benefits of LIC New Endowment Plan (plan no 814)

  • In case of death nominee will get sum assured with vested bonus accumulated as death benefit.
  • In case of maturity of the policy insurer will get sum assured + accured reversionary bonus + final additional bonus if any as maturity benefit.
  • You can enjoy income tax benefit under section 80C for the premium paid and 10(10)D for maturity amount like other LIC policies.
  • You can avail loan after completion of 3 years of the policy and the loan amount will be depending on the % of surrender value
  • If you want to surrender this policy then you have to complete 3 year. The surrender value then depend of the policy term and policy year.
LIC New Endowment Plan Premium calculation
In this policy one can pay premium on yearly, half yearly , quarterly and monthly basis as well. Premium calculation will be like below
E.g: Sum assured :  1,00,000, Age: 25 years and policy term : 12 years
  • Yearly (Rs): 8810
  • Half Yearly (Rs): 4450
  • Quarterly (Rs): 2248
  • Monthly (Rs): 749
You can check out with your desired sum assured amount and calculate the premium amount by LIC Premium calculator.

Should I Buy LIC New Endowment Plan 814

If you consider the example above the maturity amount after 12 year will be 1,00,000 + 3% yearly bonus (3000 x 12) = 1,36,000 (approx). On maturity you will also get a FAB (final accured bonus) which will be around 20% of sum assured. So total gain will be around 1,56,000. And you will pay 8810 x 12 = 1,05,720.

So in a simple calculation you can say around 5-6% max return will be there from your investment. But again this is an investment cum insurance plan, so this straight calculation may not help to understand this policy benefit. But if you want the best alternative to any endowment plan then invest your money in mutual fund or bank FD to get good returns. And must do a pure term insurance plan with higher sum assured to cover your life risk.


LIC Limited Payment Endowment Plan (Table No. 830) Review, Premium, Return calculation

LIC Limited Payment Endowment Plan 830 review
LIC Limited Payment Endowment Plan (Table No. 830) is the new plan joining the list of LIC insurance policy. This is another endowment policy from LIC with few changes. As the name suggest in this policy one have to pay a premium for limited time rather than the entire policy term. LIC endowment plans are mixture of insurance plus savings scheme. You can check out the other endowment policies from LIC launched already.

Key Features of LIC Limited Payment Endowment Plan 830

  • Minimum age to enter into this policy is 18 years
  • One can buy this policy for 12, 16 or 21 year term
  • Premium paying term is less as said earlier. It's upto 8 years or 9 years max.
  • Minimum amount to invest in this policy is 3,00,000
  • There is no limit for Maximum sum assured amount


  • In case of death nominee will get Sum assured + Accured Bonus + FAB if any as Death Benefit.
  • Sum assured on death will be either 10 times of annual premium paid or 125% of basic sum assured. And in any case death benefit can't be less than 105% of all premium paid.
  • At the end of the policy term insurer will get the sum assured + bonus + FAB if any as maturity benefit. We will check out how much return this policy will give below.
  • You can enjoy income tax benefit under section 80C for premium paid.
  • In this policy you can also avail Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider and LIC’s New Term Assurance Rider (UIN: 512B210V01) 
  • Get rebate on High Sum Assured value
Mode and High S.A. Rebates:
Mode Rebate:
Yearly mode                               -       2% of Tabular Premium
Half-yearly mode                       -       1% of Tabular premium
Quarterly & Salary deduction   -      NIL

High Sum Assured Rebate: 
Basic Sum Assured (B.S.A)                     Rebate (Rs.)
3,00,000 to 4,90,000               -           Nil
5,00,000 to 9,90,000               -           0.50%o B.S.A.
10,00,000 to and above         -           0.75%o B.S.A.

Premium Calculations

One can pay premium yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly mode (through ECS only) or through salary deductions over the term of policy. A grace period of 30 days will be valid for premium payment of yearly or half-yearly or quarterly premiums and 15 days for monthly premiums.

The premium calculation will be as below:
Age of Entry : 35 Years
Policy Term : 12 years
Premium Paying Terms: 9 years
Mode of Payment: Yearly
Sum Assured: 3,00,000
Premium To be paid: 30,091

Maturity Return Calculation

From the above premium calculation you can say that you have to pay total 30,091 X 9 = 2,70,000 (approx) to get Sum Assured pf 3,00,000 + Bonus after 12 years. It means after 12 years you will hardly get 4 -5 % as return on long term investment. Again you have to consider that this is an insurance policy. But from a life cover point of view I don't think this plan can give you maximum benefit.

Should I buy LIC Limited Payment Endowment Plan 830

So far whatever policies launched by LIC, they follow a similar structure of calculation. If you consider that as an insurance product then the life cover is almost negligible. If you consider that as a investment product then again you will get very less return. So LIC tried to combine investment and insurance once again in this policy again. As an investor you have better alternative available in market.

Waiting for your feedback or any input regarding this policy.


HDFC Life Sanchay Plan - Review, Premium, Return Calculation

HDFC Life Sanchay - A Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan. As per the plan insurer can earn guaranteed return of around 8% to 9% after maturity of this policy. This is an endowment plan from HDFC life. At the end of policy term insurer will not get any bonus but some guaranteed addition amount. HDFC life has done a very good job with their click 2 protect term insurance plans. In this article we will review HDFC life Sanchay plan and also compare is there any different between typical LIC endowment plans and this plan.

HDFC Life Sanchay Plan Key Features

  • Limited premium paying terms of 5, 8 and 10 years
  • Minimum age of entry is 30 days and max is 45 years
  • No maximum investment limit
  • One can pay premium Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly(ECS)
  • Choose policy term from 15-20 years according to your need
  • Guaranteed addition of 8% to 9% at the end of maturity.
  • Total guaranteed benefit will be 220% to 325% of sum assured
  • EMI facility available for HDFC credit card holder
  • No medical test require for this plan
  • You can buy HDFC Life Sanchay Online


  • In case of death nominee will get any of the highest value of 10 times annual premium paid, 105% of total premium paid + accured guaranteed addition as death benefit
  • At the end of the policy term policy holder will get sum assured + guaranteed addition as maturity benefit. This can be varied from 220% to 325% of sum assured which looks very impressive.
  • Get income tax benefit for the premium paid under section 80C and under 10(10D) for the maturity benefit
  • There is no rider facility in this HDFC Life Sanchay Plan
  • You can revive the policy within 2 years of last premium paid, in case of stopped premium
  • To surrender HDFC Life Sanchay Plan you have to pay at-least 2 year premium for policy premium paying term 5-8 years. And 3 year for premium paying term more than 10 years.
  • You can avail loan after your policy is eligible for Surrender

Return Calculation

We will consider the example explained in HDFC life brochure with beautiful graphical presentation. Let's assume the below details of the insurer
hdfc life sanchay return calculation

Age: 35 years
Premium : 1,23,125.00
Premium Paying Term: 5 year
Policy term : 15 years
Sum assured: 5,00,000

Now as per HDFC life Sanchay plan he will get Rs 11,00,000 after 15 years on maturity. Now lets check in detail further.

Amount spend from you in 5 year = 1,23,125 X 5 = 6,15,625.00. This figure is excluding the service tax which insurer has to bear as per new IRDA law.

Should I Buy HDFC Life Sanchay Plan

So in 5 years you are investing more than 6 lacks and after 15 years you will get 11 lack, which looks good for people who don't want to take much risk investment. But if you want to play smartly you can avail much more benefit from this investment and find out many alternatives. Let's say you save this amounts as FD and after 5 year collect all the money and you can go for NSC or other regular income plans where you can earn more interest on long term. But you will not be able to get any insurance during that period. So for that you should always go for a pure term insurance with higher sum assured.


MobileOne App - now all government services at your finguretips

MobileOne App
Karnataka Govt is going to launch MobileOne App to make peoples life easy. With MobileOne app one can easily connect to any Govt services and many other business services related to our daily life. MobileOne app will bring all those services in one place and act as one stop place to pay your utility bills and other payments easy. Mobile-One initiative will be launched by honorable President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on December 8 in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC). In this article we will know more about how can we use this app and make our life easy.

How to use MobileOne App to make life easy

To avail the facility of MobileOne app one have to dial 161 to connect to an interactive voice response system (IVRS). Then choose your desired service from the options like utilities, traffic, municipal taxes, telecom, partner service, services in other sectors and help desk. Then you can further choose a particular service provider and register your mobile number with that by simply sending a SMS. 

Check out the various options to connect MobileOne facility
  • Dial 161 to access IVR + SMS Service
  • For basic mobile phones USSD : *161#
  • Give missed call to 1-800-425-425-425
  • Also you can dial the helpline no. 1-800-425-425-425

Services one can do with this MobileOne App

MobileOne facility has just launched with 4,000 Govt. and private services so far. In this list there are many other service providers also added and in future the list will increase more. With this service one can easily pay electricity bill, water bill and many other daily activity without visiting to respected offices. Check out the list of activities one can perform with this MobileOne app.
  • Book Train ticket through MobileOne
  • Book Bus Ticket through MobileOne
  • Also book holiday packages with MobileOne app
  • You can access all Sakal services
  • One can check Live Traffic updates as well
  • Women can access Women Safety app with this facility
  • Check out the nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) and also Passport Status update easily
  • Farmers also get register and check weather forecast and many more useful updates
  • Also check your Income tax Refund status and ITR-V status
  • You can pay any kind of utility bills
  • Recharge your mobile phone, get live cricket score updates, latest news, book a cab, listen music and many more
  • And also you can open a Bank account as well with SBI & Axis bank so far
So seems like a huge launch covering many area. I feel excited to check out every services via this MobileOne app. It seems like it will be a huge success and one can perform every kind of daily life activity from a single point itself.

Have a Query regarding Passport Application Process in India? Then check out our 1300 word article covering many passport application process questions with proper answer.

Keep a track of my blog for further details How To Guide articles focusing on every service in coming days. You can subscribe to our Newsletter or Like our FB page to get updated. Thanks for reading !!


Why online shopping is better than the conventional method

Fashion in today’s era has got big wings. Everyone likes to keep revising the collection in their closet as fashion can never allow you to have enough. But have you ever noticed that how much you have to explore to find best commodities for your house and for yourself. Wouldn't it be comforting enough if you can shop from home? Well, your wish has come true and you can shop with few clicks. There will be no going out, moving from shop to shop to find stuff, carrying home heavy shopping bags and standing in long queues to get your stuff billed. Online shopping has put an end to all these troubles as it allows you to shop with one click. In today’s taxing life, no-one has time to go out and search for goods. Shopping Online is an excellent replacement that offers more comfort in buying process. In this article we will find why online shopping is better than the conventional method. 

Benefits of online shopping

Before proceeding further you can check out the Top 10 popular Online Shopping websites in India where you can buy product with cash on delivery facility.

Top 5 reasons why online shopping is better

1. Comfortable:
In a tiring day when you came back from office and found yourself undone with a shopping business you were planned to, will be agitating. Online shopping offers you a chance to shop from home at any hour of the day. Unlike conventional stores, the shopping websites have no closing time. You can shop while watching T.V or having meals. Usually women have complaints about their husbands not accompanying them for shopping. Well, with the help of online shopping, you can also fulfill the desire of shopping with your husband and ask for his picks.

My wife used to do grocery shopping from While doing her regular daily task she used to prepare the list by asking all family members requirement. It's so easy to buy grocery online; I have to admit that online shopping is better than any other way.

2. Huge array of collections:
While buying commodities at conventional stores, you have to visit from place to place finding good options. Online stores house multiple brands at one site. There are different commodities in varied brands that can be purchased. The collection is amazing and you can find products of top-notch brands at relatively reasonable

I have to admit that how these apparel websites come in picture as a time pass for girls. They just love to scroll down a category page to discover what are the collections & designs available for hours without getting boar. So in that point online shopping is far better and a good time pass too.

3. Ease of payment:
Payment making at online store is easier. You can use credit/debit cards, punch in the details and purchased amount will be deducted from your account. There is another simple method of COD i.e. Cash on delivery. Some people avoid to shop online as they don’t want to share their bank details with the sites. So Cash on Delivery is always an option for such clients.  

4. Discounts:
Who doesn't like discounts? It is always happy news when you have to pay relatively lesser amount for a commodity. Online shopping sites offer a separate section of sale all year. The section contains related commodities and if you are looking for relatively cheaper commodities, then you can simply visit that section and make your pick. Certainly you don’t get such boons at conventional stores.

This is one point where we have to accept that online shopping websites can offer the best deal or discount than others. That's why in the Flipkart Big Billion Day has created such a head-ache for the retails.

5. Easy Returns:
Suppose you have ordered a dress for you. On receiving it you found that it is one size bigger, then in such a case you can simply return the dress and order yourself the right size or any other commodity that falls in the same range. In this way, you don’t have to find out time for a “return dress escapade” and receive the revised article at your doorstep.

I would love to share the exchange or return service provided by these websites, especially The web interface is designed so beautifully that one can easily return a product and choose the other one. Without any trouble pick-up boy will come and collect the old one and provide the new one.

Online shopping is time saving, easy and comfortable, so leave conventional shopping and shake hand with online stores for future purchases. Although there are bad reviews but above all online shopping is better as one has many options, flexibility and freedom.

Happy Shopping!


Indian passport application process - Questions Answered

Passport Application Process How to Guide
Indian passport application process has come across a long way since I have applied fresh passport for myself on 2004. Lot of things has changed except the attitude of the people. Even I found that also has changed a bit while re-issuing my passport application recently. During every visit to Indian passport office Kolkata I learnt many things and clear many doubts by asking brokers who do their business outside PSK office. In this article I will document all such questions mostly asked by people while going through passport application process online.

Note: As per the new passport application process offline applications are not allowed. Means you have to apply passport via online portal only.

Indian passport application online questions & answers?

Most people got confused with the documents required, where to apply, various messages they got during handling online passport portal etc. This internet has made our life very easy but if you don't understand the process and their proper meaning, then you can feel internet is a curse. Even initially I have visited passport office to query lot of questions before applying passport online. You can do the same now by giving a phone call to passport helpline numbers. Anyway let's start the Questions with valid answers

What documents require applying passport online?
Simply visit Passport India website and check document adviser tool.

Is there any specific time to book for the appointment?
You can check the time slot to book an appointment online in the website. Accordingly you have to login with your user data in that portal. E.g. some state may have online appoint time from afternoon 4 PM onward but for some it might be 3 PM onward.

Any tricks to book passport appointments date online?
I wrote a complete article in this topic, you can read it here. But frankly speaking there is only one way to book a passport appointmentdate online, which is luck + high-speed internet. If you are ready to spend some money then hire a broker sitting outside PSK. Provide them your login details and Rs 500. They will book appointment for you. But think twice as providing such confidential data may not be good in all the case. I knew one of such guy personally, so choose that path only.

Which police station will do my address verification?
You can check passport India website and check out the list of police stations. From there find out the nearest police station of your locality and have an inquiry there.

Why I am getting “Appointment exceeded for the day”?
Every PSK has fixed no of slots to book. Once that quota is consumed by people everyone will get this message. In case you get that message, you should try every after 15-20 minutes. Because when someone books a slot he/she has to proceed with the payment to confirm the slot. If the payment does not happen within 10 minute that slot will be open again. In such a scenario you may get in the 2nd try.

Can I walk-in to PSK and ask for an appointment?
If you are applying for a fresh passport then answer would be NO, even for Tatkal also. Only you can take your minor's passport appoint by visiting a PSK. I heard from couple of people that if you visit Regional passport offices and able to justify your point to not having an online appointment then you may get. But this is not a full proof way as visiting a passport office may kill your entire day and we all know the value of a week day.

Me & My Wife has different address in passport, how to apply for my kid (minor)?
To make your kid's passport application hassle free you should change anyone of your passport address and make it similar. Also check update spouse name if require.

Is police verification requiring for passport application of minor?
If both or one of the parent's passport has spouse name mention, then not require. For my kid we applied with my wife's passport and we got the passport after 7 day of application. That day I realized that technology has changed the Indian passport application system.

Can someone Walk-In to a PSK with a valid ARN?
Yes. After online application you have to take the ARN and if you are any one of the below criteria then you can walk-in your nearest PSK
->Senior Citizens of age 60 years & above.
->Minor Applicants below 15 years of age, provided both parents have valid passports.
->Minor Applicants below 15 years of age, provided both parents have valid passports, and one parent is abroad and has issued Embassy / Consulate certified No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the other parent to apply.
->Minor Applicants below 15 years of age, provided both parents do not have passports, but have given No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Which address to provide as I have traveled couple of places in last few year?
Police verification will happen only to the address you stayed in last 12 month. In case you stayed multiple addresses in last 12 month then verification will be done for both the places.

Maximum number of attempts exceeded
Again it’s like you have tried many times on a single day but not able to book a slot. You can try again later. Or else talk to passport helpline. In case every day you are getting the same message then visit the PSK and request for offline

Can I pay passport application fee offline and book an appointment
Yes, you can. On the payment page you can find 2 options: Online Payment and via bank challan. If you select 2nd option then you can generate the challan by click the specific button. Take the print out and pay the amount in Bank. Bank will take part of the Challan and rest provide you back. This challan will have your ARN details so before you visit PSK they will update payment data against you application.

I cancelled my appointment. So how many days are left for me to schedule my appointment
As per the new system one will get 2 chances to reschedule a valid cancelled booking. Here from the date of first booing till one year one can reschedule appointment 2 times.

An active appointment already exists
In this case you may cancel your first application and now try for reschedule, but got that message. It means system still hold your previous data. Better inform the same to PSK helpline and they will help you reschedule your appointment.

Can I take appointment for my entire family?
No. With user log in at a time you can fill up one application form only. In case you have multiple system you can log in there are fill up application for other member. But there is no guarantee that all these application will be able to book appointment on the same date so if you have a big fad time.

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By looking at the article you may think that Indian passport application process is difficult to understand. But with the implementation of new system it has simplified further. It could have been improved far better by including police verification process also computerized and linked with aadhaar card. Anyway I hope my effort will help you get your passport application process questions answered. 

Feel free to ask or add more such cases with proper experience to enhance this article further. Or ask your question here by putting a comment, I will try to collect the answer and update this article to make it more useful. Thanks for reading !!


How to find your own mobile number for Airtel/ Aircel/ Tata Docomo/ Reliance/ Idea/ Uninor/ Vodafone/ BSNL/ Videocon/ Virgin/ Loop/ MTNL/ Smart/ BPL

know your mobile number indiaDo you know your own mobile number? In this article we will see how to find your own mobile number for any mobile network.

Changing or taking a new mobile number is a very common practice we all do in our daily life. Specially people who are travelling many places for their job or business are mainly facing this situation. As roaming is still on in India, it is very tough to continue with the roaming charges. Anyway Govt has decided to withdraw roaming charges with one India roaming plan, which will be implemented soon. But till then then it is very useless to continue a number with roaming charges as charges are still high compared to local tariffs  Anyway when you take a new number the next problem we face most is we don't know our number. Might be you have not noted or lost that document. In such case you might have call to some one else and then get your mobile number.

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How to find your own mobile number in Airtel/ Aircel/ Tata Docomo/ Reliance/ Idea/ Uninor/ Vodafone/ BSNL/ Videocon/ Virgin/ Loop/ MTNL/ Smart/ BPL

But there is some other technique which mobile operators provide for their customer. Simply dial those numbers and get your mobile number on your mobile screen. This is similar to enquirying about your mobile balance. But these are all applicable for prepaid numbers only. Let's check out the numbers for different operator to type on your mobile screen.

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AIRCEL             Type *1# or *234*4# or *888# or *122*131# or *131#  and Press OK
Tata docomo      Type *1#  or *580# or *124# and Press OK
Airtel                  Type *140*175 or*140*1600# or *121*9# or *282#  *141*123# and Press OK
Reliance              Type *1# *111# and Press OK
Idea                     Type *1# and Press OK
Uninor                 Type *555# *1# *444#  and Press OK
Vodafone            Type *555# or *555*0# or *111*2# or *777*0# or *131*0# and Press OK
BSNL                   Type *1# or *99# or *222# and Press OK
Idea              Type *789# or *100# or *1# *147# *131# or *131*1# and Press OK
Videocon              Type *1#  and Press OK
Virgin              Type *1# and Press OK
Loop              Type *222# *1# *001# and Press OK
MTNL              Type *8888# and Press OK
Smart              Type *1# *111*2# and Press OK
BPL              Type *222# *1# *001# and Press OK

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I have updated these numbers recently. Hopefully all are working perfectly so that you can know your own mobile number without any issue. In case any issue please share the updated number by a simple comment. If you don't know then also let me know so that I can find out the updated number.

Thanks for reading and your valuable comments !!


How to get cash back offer on iPhone 6 and 6 plus

iphone 6 plus discount cash back offer
Finally iPhone 6 can be available on zero down payment and cash back of up to 9,900. On the eve of new year, Apple has decided to apply the Cash Back discount offer on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus version like they did last year for iPhone 5. In today's Time of India newspaper you can check out about this offer details in a full page advertisement. In this article we will share more about iPhone 6 cash back and discount offer in your city.

iPhone 6 and 6 plus Cash Back Discount Offer

Bajaj Finance has joined to launch this cash back offer for the first time. Check out the maximum cash back one can get on both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus versions.

iphone 6 plus cash back discount offer

You can avail this offer by paying only 10% down payment and 9 interest free EMIs from Bajaj Finance. Not only that, you can even buy any iPhone version including 4S, 5, 5C with this offer.

The maximum cash back of Rs 9,900 is available on iPhone 6 plus 128GB version. If you have a credit from American Express, Axis Bank, Citibank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Credit Card, RBL Bank, Standard Chartered Bank then you can easily avail this cash back offer.

After buying iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus with this cash back offer with any of these credit cards one can get the cash back amount to his/her credit card within 90 days of purchase. This offer is only valid for transactions done on Plutus or Pine Labs machine only. So be careful and don't forget to verify all the details before buying the product. In fact you can check your cash-memo where you can find the cash back details in case you are eligible.

And you can do maximum 2 transaction per card. This cash back offer will be valid till 5th Jan 2015. So if you are looking to buy iPhone 6 or 6 plus and waiting for that cash back offer then today is your day. 

Share your experience if any regarding this topic by putting a simple comment.


List of LIC policies including Old and New launched after 2014

list of lic policies launched
LIC India has discontinued couple of their popular insurance policies in 2014 and relaunch them with new name following IRDA guidelines. According to that news around 45 policies were discontinued from the huge list of lic policies. After these changes there are only couple of policies left in LIC India’s website. You can visit their official website and check out the valid lic policies if you are interested to buy. In this article we will share the all the list of LIC policies that one can buy. You may surprise by not seeing any lic policies for children under that website.

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Quick list of LIC policies Launched from 2014

I have visited LIC India’s official website for premium calculator, I use this one for all LIC policy review and return calculation. In that when you check out the list of lic policies you can find very few policies compared to old days. Anyway you can check out the complete list of LIC policies with table no. below. Click the link beside to get complete policy review, premium calculation, maturity benefit and long term return on investment calculation.
  • Single Premium Endowment Plan – Table No. 817 (Click Here)
  • New Endowment Plan – Table No. 814
  • New Money Back Plan for 20 Years – Table No 820 (Click Here)
  • New Money Back Plan for 25 Years – Table No 821
  • New Bima Bachat Plan – Table No 816 (Click Here)
  • New Jeevan Anand Plan – Table No. 815 (Click Here)
  • New Jeevan Nidhi Plan – Table No. 818 (Click Here)
  • Anmol Jeevan 2  – Table No. 822
  • Amulya Jeevan 2 – Table no 823 (Click Here)
  • Online Term Plan – e-Term (Click Here)
  • New LIC Aadhaar Plan - No. 824 (Click Here)
  • LIC’s Jeevan Rakshak – Table No. 827
  • Varishtha Pension Bima Yojna (VPBY) – Table No. 828
  • LIC Jeevan Shagun Policy  (Click Here)
  • LIC Limited Payment Endowment Plan - 830 (Click Here)
Besides them check out other popular LIC policies as well
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With time LIC India has changed all their policies, premium rates and  offering a better policy compare to the old policies. But still there are much room for improvements if you think from a buyer point of view. I will analyse and share my review on every single LIC policy with proper calculation. My target is to expose every financial product and find out the actual benefit one is going to get. If you believe your agent then every policy will change your life. So it’s always better to use your own brain, analyse every product, look for alternatives, compare all aspects and then choose a policy.

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Hope I will be able to help people with this blog by sharing all my knowledge and experiences. You can follow this article to get notified in case a new policy adds into this list of LIC policies.


How to make Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe at Home

Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe at home
Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe or Spicy chickpeas recipe is a very popular North Indian recipe. People also called it as chana masala sometimes although in case of chana masala we use small chikpeas. This popular chole recipe can be prepared at home very easily and you can enjoy an awesome breakfast or evening snack with bhatura or luchi. Now a days one can buy ready to cook Punjabi Chole Masala pack and use the instruction and make this recipe at home very easily. But here we will share original Punjabi Chole Masala recipe.

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Ingredients for Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe

  • Vegetables ( Bean, Tomato, Capcecum, Onion leaves ).
  • 2 onions finely chopped
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic chopped
  • 2 green chillis finely chopped
  • 1 big size tomato finely chopped
  • 1 tbsp ginger paste
  • Salt to taste
  • Little bit of sugar
  • Everest Chole Masala (This is the main masala to make it perfect)

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Steps to prepare Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe

  • Soak chole or chickpeas overnight in a bowl.
  • Heat the pan and put oil. You can put even ghee/butter. I generally prefer oil and butter/ghee at last phase.
  • After heating the oil first you can fry all the vegetables and keep them aside.
  • Now it’s time for the soaked chole. You need to put them in pressure cooker for 5-6 whistles so than they can become soft. Here better to add small salt, so that some salt can enter inside chole pieces. Don't over boil the choles.
  • Now again preheat a pan and put oil. In the oil first add the chopped garlic, chilies, and then onions and fry them till brown. After that add the boiled choles.
  • You can keep aside the water from the cooker which is used for chole boil, which we can use for gravy preparation.
  • Now keep the heat medium and stir the choles with onions and then stuffs properly so that they can be fried altogether. 
  • After that you add garlic paste, chopped tomato s and finally Everest chole masala. 
  • Need to add a bit salt also as per taste. Now stir them properly in a bit heating condition so that everything mixes properly. 
  • Next add the vegetables and the rest of water kept aside.
  • Need to cover the pan and keep it for 10 min in a slow heat so that masala and vegetables mixes properly. By the time we can feel the chole masala aroma spread everywhere in my kitchen.
  • After 10 min just need to add small sugar as per taste and butter to enhance the taste. That's it for the preparation, just need to cook for 5 min more and it ready to eat.
  • You can then garnish it with tomato, coriander leaves or curry leaves as per your choice.
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Hope you liked the Punjabi Chole Masala recipe and you will try that at home today itself. We prefer this recipe in weekends mostly on breakfast. Share your experience and any tips to make this recipe more tasty.


    How to check passport application status online or mobile phone SMS

    With the implementation of technology it is very easy to check passport application status online. You can track your passport application status by log-in to Passport India website or by SMS alert in your mobile phone as well. In this article I will share the steps to follow to track passport application status with many other useful information related to this.

    In case you want to know more about passport application and renewal process, then you should check out the below 2 articles as well.

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    Steps to Check Passport Application Status Online

    First of all check the receipt copy that you have for the proof of your passport application and find out the file number. You need this number mandatory to check your passport status. Its not possible to check passport status online without file number.

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    Then visit the Passport India website or directly click on the link here.

    How to check passport application online

    Now Select the Application Type as Passport/PCC/IC.
    Put the File Number that you have collected.
    Next your date of birth.

    Check Passport Application Status via Mobile SMS

    You can even subscribe for SMS alert to your registered mobile number provided during fresh passport application. But this is a premium service, mean you have to pay some amount for that to enable it. To do that you have to tick the 'SMS Services' option while filling the online passport application form. On your appointment day pay Rs 30.00 in cash at PSK. Now you can track every movement of your passport application. 

    You can even ask for status by sending an SMS to 9704100100 in the format '<< STATUS >><< SPACE >><< File Number >>', for example, STATUS BNG071268435013. You can talk to PSK helpline to know more about this 'SMS Services'.

    Faqs related to Indian Passport Application Status & Delivery

    1) Passport has been "Dispatched/ Delivered", but not received
    Whenever Passport India mailed your passport via India post they update the status in system which you get immediately. But in reality it will take time to reach you by courier. You can simply use the tracking no and check India post website for the updated status. 

    2) Can I collect the passport directly
    If you have a genuine reason then you can write an application explaining the reason and submit to RPO. They may consider your request after validating from their end.

    3) Status showing Police verification pending even though its done
    Police verification may be done physically from your end. But till police return back the file to RPO the next status will not update. In that case you can enquiry to your nearest police station and find out what is still pending.

    4) Can my wife receive my passport on behalf of me?
    Yes. But for that you have to provide your identity card and enough proof so that postman can deliver it to her.

    So did you try that 'SMS Services' to to check passport application status. If so then I would like to request you to share your experience and how much useful that extra payment of Rs 30.00 over the normal online passport application status tracking.

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