September 16, 2014

How to check if your Gmail account has been hacked or not?

In a recent news we came to know that 5 million Gmail ID and Password has been shared over internet. One of the Russian hacker website has shared such a big list. This spread like a panic and many people started changing their Gmail password without knowing whether they were really affected or not. We all know that we should change our online account passwords frequently but we should not do this activity forced by some incidents. Before doing any such thing you should know that whether your Gmail ID and Password is hacked or not. In this article we will share about how do you know if your Gmail has been hacked.

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How do i know if my Gmail has been hacked

The very first thing you should do is to find out the file that has been shared by that website. And then find out whether your account details are present there or not. Most probably that list may contain old account data and that guy might try to play some tricks by sharing such a old file. Anyway follow the steps to down loan that file.
how to check if your gmail account has been hacked

  • Type the link in your web browser:
  • You can see a page opened but in Russian language. You can translate the page by right clicking on that page to English. 
  • Look for the file google_5000000.7z and click on that to download the same.
  • After that simply open that notepad and search for your Gmail account details. If you don't find anything then you are safe so far.

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Another way to find out whether your Gmail id is hacked or not is by visiting the website I got to know about this from Times of India paper.  Simply open that website and you can a placeholder where you have to provide your Gmail ID and then click on Check it.
how to check if your gmail account has been hacked

You will be able to see below message if your ID not hacked.

how to check if your gmail account has been hacked

Anyway these are few way to find out whether your Gmail account is safe or not. But still you can't be 100% sure by these websites as they also can be a trap. So never share your password or account details with any un-trusted websites or avoid accessing your Gmail account from any cyber cafe. You can also share your experience if you have experienced such things in recent times.

September 10, 2014

Top 10 Websites To Book Movie Ticket Online

online movie booking websites
I was looking for the list of websites to book movie ticket online, besides few popular online movie ticket booking sites like, etc. During my recent travel I came to find such many websites in a magazine. Online movie ticket booking sites are doing a great business these days as we all know the importance of watching a movie with family mainly on week-ends. There are few websites with which you can buy movie ticket from any part of India and few through which you may be able to book from few specific theatres. Most of them also have their own mobile app so that people can also buy ticket from their smart phones as well. Anyway let's check out the list of such 10 websites with their official website web-address included.

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Best online movie ticket booking websites

If you search for book online movie tickets in Google then you will find many such websites with local movie booking as well as throughout India booking open. In the list most of the websites are from major Multiplex brands like Inox, Cinemax, and PVR etc.
  • BookMyShow Tickets‎ -
  • INOXMovies -
  • TicketNew -
  • Ticket Please -
  • PVR Cinemas -
  • Big Cinemas -
  • Cinemax -
  • Easy Movies -
  • Ticket4u -
  • KyaZoonga - 
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I know most of the people use to book a movie ticket online, but I have used 2-3 more websites as well. I would like to know such experiences from you now and also if there are more such websites then please mention that by simply commenting in this article.

Thanks for reading!!

September 4, 2014

How to Apply New PAN Card Online in India

apply pan card online
Apply for a new PAN card online is very easy these days. Generally a PAN card or Permanent Account Number is the unique identity for Indian tax payers. Every Indian who pays tax to government should have a PAN number. Now PAN card is mandatory is case of any financial transactions or savings you do. E.g. to open an account, to start a fixed deposit etc. Earlier due to online absence many don't know how to apply a PAN card by own. To avoid that hassle we have to depend on brokers to issue a PAN card. But now getting a PAN card is very easy. No need to travel to any broker or any office with documents. Government has created a website with all clear information & instructions so that anyone can follow them and apply PAN card online by their own.

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Steps to apply a fresh PAN card online 

Here, I will help you to find out those websites and guide how to apply a new PAN card online and also how correct the wrong information of a PAN card online. If you are an individual and looking for PAN card then follow as below mentioned:
  • Go to website
  • Click on the first option "New PAN for Indian Citizens (Form 49A)". You can go through rest of the options, but they are not useful in case of new application.
  • On click on that option, it will open a new window where you will find couple of options as well.
  • Again click on "Online Application for New PAN (Form 49A)”.
  • In the next page you can find detailed instruction of the procedure. Read the details carefully and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • There you can find out "Apply for a new PAN Card", under which you have to select the category of applicant. Simply choose "individual" and click submit.
  • Next the online form will open in your screen. You have to fill the form carefully & accurately with all your details. A detail instruction is attached there itself in that website in English & Hindi language. 
  • After filling all the details, you have to pay 96.00 towards NSDL. You can find many options to pay the amount in the bottom of that online form. By Demand Draft / By Cheque in favour of NSDL / Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking 
  • Select your payment option and then pay the amount. It’s better to transfer the amount via credit card or net banking transfer instantly. Otherwise you can send draft or cheque as per address provided there.
  • After finishing the payment step an acknowledgement number will generate in the next page. Take a print out of this page, paste your recent passport size photograph and the sign in the signature box (in black ink only).
  • Then collect all the supporting documents that you have mentioned while filling the form and send them to address mentioned in that form with the filled up form.  
  • For accuracy read all the instructions provided in the acknowledgement page, otherwise if anything wrong the chances of rejection will be there.

You have to courier the form and other documents within 15 days of online application.

Aware about the Reasons for Pan Card Rejection

Similarly in case of reissue or reprint PAN card, simply visit the link of step 1 and select the 2nd option (Reprint of PAN card). Rest of the procedure is similar.

It’s really very easy & simple to get your PAN card. Don't apply multiple times, as an individual can have only 1 PAN card. Just spend some time and read all the instruction and detail of government website before applying PAN card.

You can use the below link to check your application status online :

Note : This article is to guide how to apply PAN card online in India. For any confusion while applying refer to the government website or take help from others. We followed the same while writing this article.

September 3, 2014

How to Start a Recruitment Business From Home

Planning to start your own Recruitment Business from home? Then know few basics to set up a home based recruitment consultancy. Recruitment is a very vital activity in any sector these days. Generally an organisation or company who find a suitable candidate for your vacant position called as a recruitment Consultancy. There are many consultancies already operating in market to provide recruitment assistance to companies. And over the years this sector has grown big in such a way that you have to be ready to fight with the competition.

Here we will discuss and try to explain step by step to set up your first  recruitment consultancy operating from home and how to run it successfully. This article is categorized based on couple of key factors.

Steps to Start a Recruitment Business From Home

Business Potential: If want to research about the scope of business in this recruitment sector, then you will find that there are huge scope although high competition. Majority of the software, consulting firms, service providers are now a day’s outsource their recruitment department to reduce the cost as well as operation burden. Most of the companies need many resources not only due to new business but also due to high attrition rate (Job switching rates) in India. So far in my career I have changed couple of companies. That means I left many positions vacant and also filled up the open positions. So just imagine with my profile only various recruitment firms done a good business so far. So in this regard you can say it’s an evergreen business niche and you can expect a good demand always.
How to Set Up a Recruitment Business From Home

Who can start?
Basically if you have enough money to invest, then you can start any business with the help of experts. But here we will see how a common people can start this business from his/her home itself with a minimum investment and minimum experience. To start a recruitment firm you should have some basic knowledge about this recruitment process generally followed by all organisations. Anyone who has similar profiles below can be the best person for this business.
  • An MBA HR pass out having enough exposure of Recruitment market scenarios
  • 2-3 years of recruitment experience, but now want to continue from home itself (e.g. generally for women after gave birth to a baby, it’s tough to get back to work immediately. So those women can plan to start a consultancy from home itself)
  • Your spouse/partner might have some similar experiences and you at the same time know how to convert experience into business.
  • A group of friends with a very good network with company HRs can plan a start up. In that case you might learn the techniques of recruitment or hire a recruiter initially to start your company. As time passes you can learn and educate yourself with all facts.
First step towards start up:
First of all think about a name of your start-up. Don't just think casually like, let’s start now and if get success then will think about a good name. This is absolutely a wrong technique. You should plan everything seriously whether it a success or a failure in future. So a proper name is necessary, which will create a brand name in future for your effort. The name should relate your style of work or industry or your business types etc anything. Then choose a domain name with your company name. Choose any domain .com or .in that does not matter so much, but do it immediately so that you can get your desired domain name for web existence. This will cost you hardly Rs 500-600/- every year to keep the domain name alive.

Disclose/Publish your company:
Now your company name and domain is ready. Next big thing is to set up a website for that domain, so that clients/people can find your business and contact details on web world. For that buy some web hosting plan from Go-daddy or Big-rock or another hosting company you like. You can take any basic plan, like 1 website hosting plan which will cost monthly Rs 400-500/-. It’s better to start with a monthly plan, as you don't know whether your business will continue for years or not. When everything will be set up then you might upgrade to a yearly plan to get rid of monthly payment. 

Next prepare a website. For that you can again take help from professional web designers or if you have some knowledge, you can create a blog/website with minimum 5-6 pages and further attach with your custom domain name (Company website name). It's very simple and less expensive. Otherwise pay Rs 10,000 - 15,000/- to make a good website. Even you can make a good looking websites with images and banner, which will cost you more. But again, for a start up a simple and well arranged website is enough. Just keep in mind to put basic information pages like HOME, about us, Contact Us, clients Handled and Service page etc.

Register your company:
Next thing is to register your company name to run your business legally without any hassle. You can contact local registration office and discuss those facts. There are various types of registration based on your business plan. 

You can visit the website to find out every detail. Even they can help you to register your company name and prepare other legal documents like TAN, Taxes etc. For a single person start-up it's better to start your business with registering as a Sole Proprietorship.  Just visit to know more about that.

Open a Current Account:
Next thing is to open a business bank account (current account) with your company name to accept payments from client. To open a current account, you have to get ready with all your business registration documents. Don't open account in your name as the business name will create a good impression and represent your brand as well. And even in future you might expand further and include partners to grow in business.

Set up your office & equipment:
Next thing is to get access to any job portal like, or Among them Naukri is most popular. You can get a package from them and start surfing resumes as per your requirement. Initially you can buy access in sharing basis with 2 or more people, as you might not have enough requirements to handle the high cost of Portal access. So look for such opportunities.

Set up your workspace at home with your desktop or laptop. Take a new mobile number and also a land line number (if you can afford) to handle your daily calls. Analyse and choose a good talk time plan as well. Update both the numbers in your website. Install all required software’s to your computer like MS office, mail server software etc. Create few email IDs with your business domain. Like

Business Development & marketing:
Next thing is to spread your business and get more & more clients, so just work hard to get better & better. Try to communicate with company HRs and offer them your business proposals. Use social media websites like LinkedIn, Face book to spread about your company and connect with people of similar industry to grow your network. You need to work hard to get clients to run your business smoothly and grow further.

So the biggest skill require to start your own recruitment business from home is the networking and the convincing skills. The more contacts you have the more the scope of clients you can arrange, means more business. Never ignore a small opportunity thinking that may not be profitable. Simply grab all opportunities to spread your business.

Good luck and I hope you will share your valuable experiences here if you are one who has started some business from home. Thanks for reading.

August 31, 2014

How to decode a PAN number? Read this and try

How to decode your PAN number
PAN number is one of the most valuable thing for every earner, but do you find it difficult to remember PAN number. I know there are many people like me who can remember many such useful details in daily life. Anyway in this article we will try to decode PAN card number in a generic way so that you can at-least find some way to remember this alpha-numeric code. If you are interested to know more about the history of PAN number then refer to wiki page and enjoy the detailed story.

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How to decode PAN number

If you are those who don't know yet how many characters are there in your PAN number then you should know it right now. Total 10 characters where first 5 characters are letters followed by 4 numbers and then last one again a letter. Here I can't share my PAN number to explain this article and not even share others as it will not be a good practice. PAN number is a confidential number and you should take necessary measures to keep it secret, otherwise it can be miss-used.

Anyway we will explain in a generic way so that anyone can decode their PAN number easily without any hassle.

  • Among first 5 characters, 3 are random characters generated from system. It can be any alphabets from A-Z. It can be any combination eg. AAA to ZZZ.
  • Next character, 4th one indicates the status of that person or you can say that what kind of person the PAN car holder is. Check out the possible types of people who can have PAN card.
                           A — Association of Persons (AOP)
                           B — Body of Individuals (BOI)
                           C — Company
                           F — Firm
                           G — Government
                           H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
                           L — Local Authority
                           J — Artificial Judicial Person
                           P — Individual
                           T — AOP (Trust)
  • Fifth character is the first letter of your last name or surname. Means if your name is XYZ Joshi, then the fifth character will be J.
  • Next 4 numeric characters are again random numbers generated from system. It can be anything from 0001 to 9999.
  • Last character in the PAN is an alphabetic check digit.

Hope now you are able to decode your PAN card number. This is just a simple informative article. There are few more useful information PAN number that you should know.
  • If you have issued your PAN card recently then you can see the date of issue besides your photo vertically.
  • If you lost your PAN card and don't even record your PAN number then you can find your PAN number with Know Your PAN service from Income Tax India portal.

Top 10 Pubs & Bars to Enjoy Night Life in Hyderabad

The nightlife in Hyderabad is something which will make you fall in love with this beautiful city. So far the city is one of the safest cities in India. The Hi-Tech city area is always crowded with people till mid-night. In Hyderabad you can find many Popular Bars & Clubs to enjoy the nightlife to the max. You can understand the nightlife here with the term Mid-Night Biriyani. Yes, here you can enjoy a Biriyani at mid-night also. Tulips - Hotel Green Park in Begumpet and Ohri's Banjara is hot favorite for that. Here in this article we will list out most popular 10 pubs & bars in Madhapur area where you can enjoy drinks, tasty food, Music and a very good gathering with your friends and dear ones.

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Best pubs and bars in Hyderabad

Top 10 Pubs & Bars in Hi-Tech City Madhapur Area

  • Rush Sports Cafe & Bar (Continental, Indian) Hi-tech City
  • Chilis (American, Continental) In orbit Mall, Madhapur
  • Elixir Pub (DJ / Serves Food) Madhapur
  • Twister Sports Pub (Live Music / Valet Parking) Hi-tech City
  • Shamrock - The Irish Bar (Serves Alcohol / Live Music) Hi-tech City
  • Xtreme Sports Bar (Valet Parking / Large  Group Friendly) Madhapur
  • Beer House (Tandoori, Chinese) In orbit Mall, Madhapur
  • News Cafe (Continental, Asian, North Indian) In orbit Mall, Madhapur
  • Slounge - Lemon Tree Hotel Lemon tree hotel
  • SPLASH, The Westin Hyderabad Mind space, Madhapur

Top 10 Pubs & Bars in Hyderabad

These are the few popular places in Madhapur area. Now let's check out the popular bars in entire Hyderabad where you can have a blast with your friends.

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  • MOB (Mad Over Beer) Near Apollo Hospital Jubilee Hills
  • Hard Rock Cafe in Banjara Hills, GVK One Mal
  • Rain in Banjara Hills, Shangri La Towers
  • Movida in Banjara Hills, Radisson Blue Plaza Hotel
  • Kismet in Somajiguda, the Park Hotel
  • Nirvana-The Pub in Shameerpet, Aalankrita Resort
  • Unwind in Panjagutta, Hotel NKM's Grand
  • Rio Lounge in Banjara Hills, Near TDP Office
  • Marco Polo in Begumpet, ITC Kakatiya Hotel
  • The Bar in Hi-tech City, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Center
Although I wrote this article but I am not a big fan of nightlife so far. I have yet to visit any of the places listed above. So far I have visited only one pub that one is Rain Tree Pub Jubilee hills after Jubilee check-post which is not part of this article. Anyway share your experiences and also other such happening places in Hyderabad where one can spend a good evening by a simple comment below.

August 28, 2014

How to Buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S Online

Xiaomi Redmi 1S is the latest buzz in the android smartphone segment. This phone has shut everyone's mouth with amazing features at an unbelievable price. At a price of 6000 you can enjoy the features of Big smartphones brand's 20,000-25,000 range phones. But now the question is how to buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S, where is this phone available. The answer is with Once again Flipkart has got the exclusive selling rights of Xiaomi Redmi 1S and they have a big plan this time. Company is launching 40,000 handsets exclusively on flipkart and for that flipkart has started an early registration process. We all know when Xiaomi mi3 launched within 20 secs 20,000 phone sold and flipkart website crashed with a message out of stock. 

How to Buy Xiaomi RedMI 1S Online

If you are really interested to buy Xiaomi RedMI 1S Online then you have to register in Flipkart page. Xiaomi RedMI 1S will be available for sale on from 2nd of September from 2 PM on-wards. But before that you have to make sure that you have registered with Flipkart Xiaomi page to avail this sale, otherwise on September 2nd you will not be able to buy this phone.

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how to buy xiaomi redme 1s on flipkart

Visit Exclusive Xiaomi Flipkart Page and register with your email id. If you have already registered with Flipkart before then no new registration require. Simply click the button and you can see the message below.
You've been successfully registered. Make your Redmi 1S purchase on Sep 2nd at 2:00 PM
Registration will be open till 1st September mid-night. On 2nd September you have to log in with your details atleast 2-3 hours before so that by 2 PM you can book 1 model. This seems like more tough than our IRCTC tatkal ticket booking, really crazy we people are!

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According to Flipkart and company, already more 1,00,000 people has registered for this mega sale. Company will allow first 2000 Flipkart registered people the first preference and then it will be first come first serve basis. And the final contrary here is that, I am one of them who has just now booked this phone. Hope I am going to buy the best smartphone in the price range of Rs. 5000 - 7000. 

I would love to hear your story about the buying experience of Xiaomi Redme 1S smartphone. Thanks for reading.

August 27, 2014

How to Send Free SMS From Internet to Mobile

I don't know how I will justify this article 'How to send free SMS from internet to mobile' in the age of Facebook and Whatsup. But the fact is, sending free SMS from internet is still very popular and in much demand. By nature we Indians are always attracted to free stuffs. Although Whatsup has already done a remarkable damage to this SMS service but it’s still significant as Whatsup has few limitations. 

Limitations of Whatsup

  • You need a phone in which you can install Whatsup. You can do the same in smart phones only.
  • Your friend also should have a phone with Whatsup installed so that you can send him/her some messages.
  • You can access Whatsup from mobile devices only.
  • After first year usage, Whatsup is chargeable.

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Steps To Send Free SMS to Mobilephone By Way2SMS.COM

So this article is not about promoting SMS services again as everyone knew about the same. But in a country like India where still large part of the country doesn't have high-end mobile phones and enough knowledge to access these apps, still they look for such a service with which they can send free SMS to a friend. But off course, you need at least internet connections to make this possible. 

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In this discussion we will talk about a company who provide services to send free SMS to your friend. It's You might have received many bulk SMS's from them as promotion. Recently they acquired to make their presence more strong. Anyway here we will share how you can easily use and send free SMS to your friend in few quick steps.

  • First of all you have to register to with your email id, mobile number, date of birth, city details.
  • Immediately you will receive an SMS in your mobile phone. Then verify your account with the password received in the mobile. Your account is ready to use now. The SMS will have the password to login into your Way2sms account for the first time after verification.
  • In the dashboard you will find 2 boxes: Free SMS and Grab Recharge (with many Ads). Click on Free SMS button and proceed.
  • Next you have to add your friend’s mobile number. This is not a mandatory step but it’s better to save to avoid entering the same data every time.
  • You can enter max 140 characters. You can also see some ready to use text or quote. You can select them and click on the send SMS button. It's done.
You can also check the images below describing all the steps. First 4 steps are to complete the registration and login procedure.

How to Send Free SMS From Internet to Mobile
 The Next 4 steps are from Way2sms Dashboard describing the steps to send free SMS.

Steps to Send Free SMS From Internet to Mobile

There are many such free services with which you can send free SMS from internet to mobile phone easily. I Have not tried all of them, so not able to provide any comment on them. Soon I will try to list out such free SMS services available online and write an article. But I would like to hear from you about your experience with these free SMS sending services.

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